imgble is a web-based utility that formats a specified image to best fit in different mobile screens. Those who work with mobile CMS, rendering image for the mobile devices into suitable format and dimension is obviously a big point to be considered which consumes a big portion of the development time. Based on the mobile device’s screen resolution, imgble automatically resizes your image, keeping its aspect ratio. imgble also supports the chaining of different effects on your image, such as blurring, adding borders, rotating, etc. You can find everything in the documentation.

  • You can manipulate the image in many ways, play with colors, add borders, labels and watermarks…
  • Large number of mobile devices supported
  • Supports chaining of different effects, for example blurring the image, then flipping and finally adding rounded corners
  • Simplistic but powerful
  • Fast
  • It’s free 😉

It’s very easy, you provide the URL of the image and imgble dynamically resizes it.

For e.g:

That’s imgble in its simplest form.

You can also add effects to your images. For e.g if you want to blur the resulting image, you can try this:|20/

Chaining of effects too is possible. Let’s say you want to flip horizontally your image, add some rounded corners and finally make it grayscale, then the calling URL will be:|x/rounded-corners|15|15/grayscale/

As you would have guessed, effects parameters are separated by |. You can find the complete list of effects along with their parameters in the documentation.